10 Healthy and Delicious Food Swaps

Summer is around the corner and perhaps you're thinking you aren't quite beach ready. Rather than depriving yourself of certain meals, simply swap a few of the ingredients for a lighter, healthier version. Cut some carbs, sugar, and processed foods with these natural alternatives! We promise, you won't even notice the difference (Okay, that may be an exaggeration). Click the links and pictures for even more great recipe ideas!


Swap a flour tortilla with a lettuce wrap.

Substitute spaghetti for zoodles.


Ditch the soda and jazz up seltzer water with fruit and mint.


Swap chocolate chips for cacao nibs.


Forget mayo and use avacado!


Swap ice cream for Greek yogurt.

Toss the candy for frozen grapes.

Use cauliflower instead of dough.

Swap sugary maple syrup for a fruit compote.

Avoid mashed potatoes for sweet potatoes instead.

Do you have any other great food swaps? Share your tips and pictures of your creations with us @HCOldwestbury.