10 Black Youtubers You Need To Watch

Representation in the media is so important for any minority today. Seeing people that look like you, that are portrayed in a good light allows young girls and boys to know that diversity is completely acceptable and okay. For me watching youtube and seeing skin that was so much lighter than mine wasn’t something that affected me until I got older. When I tried out new makeup looks and clothing I came to realize that it always looked different on my skin and body shape. The colors some people used in their makeup looks just didn’t show up on my skin that well no matter how hard I tried. This led to me looking into different youtubers that had my darker complexion. I began to find people that did vlogs, beauty videos, etc. that were all so proud to be in their skin. They were spreading messages of positivity, self love, and teaching me to strive to be the best that I can be.

1. Bri Hall

 Maybe you know her as her previous name Smartista Beauty. She has a quickly growing fan base and makes bomb videos on beauty and how to grow your natural hair. She also posts Draw With Me videos where you get to listen to her music playlists. Not to mention she’s an artist so her editing is always on point.

2. Aaliyah Jay

 Almost everyone knows Aaliyah and her hilarious story time videos but she can also really slay her makeup and does a bunch of tutorials so you can too.

3.Vii Slayher

She doesn’t post that often but when she does it’s definitely something you want to see. She gives you the scoop on everything hair; from how to slay a lace front, to how to make a bun, and how to make faux bangs. She started her own hair collection of raw Indian hair and it looks amazing.

4. De’arra and Ken

 Definitely one of the cutest couples to join the youtube community. They’ve come a long way and just did their first movie with Tyler Perry. Even though they’re a pretty big deal now they still post challenge and prank videos and stay current with their vlog channel.

5. Domo and Crissy

They vlog everyday and just had the cutest baby ever. What more of a reason do you need to watch them?

6.  Jas and Cory

You might know Jasmine from her previous youtube channel ‘Jasmeannnn’ which is now Jasmine Brown. She’s been making beauty and hair videos on her own for a while and now she has a channel with her boyfriend Cory that consists of a bunch of pranks and challenges

7. Alyssa Forever

 Back at it again with the amazing videos! Alyssa has been teaching me how to be the best version of myself for a while. I can’t seem to be upset when I’m watching her videos. Her positive message and beauty videos are really enjoyable no matter what mood you’re in.

8. Nyma Tang

 If you don’t know Nyma… you need to. She takes the darkest shade of almost every foundation she can find and tests it on herself. Not only does she realize that most foundation brands don’t carry shades dark enough, she lets everyone else know that too.

9. Jazmyne Drakeford

Jazmyne tells nothing but the truth! She’s been making videos based on black culture in society and some based on the oppression of black women. In the video ‘GET IT TOGETHER BLACK MEN!’ she shut down all discrimination against black women.

10. Chris and Queen

 Chris and Queen are somewhat new the youtube, they’ve only been making videos for a year but have grown to have over 2 million subscribers. They vlog daily and are guaranteed to make you laugh. Not to mention they sang the song for their intro themselves.