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Your Fill-in-the-Blank Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving Conversations

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Sometimes I feel that every time I go home, everyone asks the same questions. I’m glad they want to know about how I’m doing, but it can get a little tedious answering the same questions over and over. Think of your answers to the following questions, and maybe you can even print them out like him:

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1. Hi Grandma/Aunt/Uncle/Cousin ________!

​2. College is…

  • Great
  • Fun
  • Hard
  • Okay

3. I go to university at ________.

4. My classes are…​​

  • Great! I’m doing well in them
  • Fun! I enjoy my classes
  • Hard
  • Okay
  • (List)

5. My major is _______.

  • (Yes, I can find a job with that)

6. My roommate…

  • Is so great
  • Is nice, but we’re not super close
  • Doesn’t exist
  • Is okay

7. The food is…

  • Awful
  • Good
  • Great — I do my own cooking
  • Okay

8. I…

  • Have lots of friends
  • Have a small but close friend group
  • Have a couple of friends
  • Mostly stick to myself

9. I…

  • Have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I’m focusing on my studies.

10. I…

  • Joined a sorority 
    • I love it!
    • It’s okay 
  • Did not join a sorority 
  • Did not rush

11. I…

  • Have gone to parties
  • Have not been to a party
  • Would rather not say

12. I’m…

  • Doing great
  • Doing Well
  • Doing okay
  • Please stop asking me questions


Now you can stop worrying about conversation and get to the best part of Thanksgiving–the food!


Hailey Welch

Oklahoma '21

Hailey Welch is majoring in Chemical Biosciences with a final goal of studying the brain. While loving science, she also appreciates the need for creative development and self expression. Her hobbies include trying new foods, talking to her mom on the phone, looking at squirrel videos on Instagram, and getting distracted by HerCampus articles.
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