Your Best Tan Ever Thanks to Bondi Sands

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Summer is finally here and you know what that means … beaches, swimsuits, and great tans. I absolutely love the look of a golden tan. Unfortunately for some, developing that perfect tan can take all summer (I was not blessed with the “instant tan” gene). Thanks to Bondi Sands self-tanning line, I can have that perfect summer glow without suffering through the sun-burn first.


Bondi Sands has so many products to help you get a gorgeous tan. A few of my favorites are the 1 Hour Express, the Self Tanning Foam (light/medium, dark, or ultra dark), and the Liquid Gold. To help get rid of any mistakes, they also have a tanning eraser formula! 


The 1 Hour Express tan is great if you need to get tan FAST. I like to put it on in the morning and wear it for most of the day. The bottle says to rinse after an hour or let it develop further. After many trials I have found that for my skin, I need 5-8 hours for the tan to really last. I’d recommend picking a day you don’t have plans, slather this on in the morning, and hang out in your PJ’s for a few hours. Gently rinse and pat dry and you’re ready to go! 

Image via Bondi Sands


The Self Tanning Foam is good for developing a tan over a few days. This one takes a bit longer to dry than the 1 Hour Express, but the tan will last you longer. I recommend this to someone who is looking to get tan and STAY tan. 

Image via Bondi Sands


The Liquid gold formula is different than the other two. Rather than a spreadable foam, its more of a spray that you use a mitt to rub in. I find this perfect for putting on right before I go somewhere. You don’t have to wash it off and it's the ideal accessory to that summer sun-dress. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for some extra glow on date night. 

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Lastly, the Self-Tan Eraser works wonders for those areas that look a little messy. I also find it especially useful for helping with dry spots. 

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Whichever product you prefer, finish with a good moisturizer to help lock in that tan. 


For those that aren’t sure how or when to apply foaming tanner, I would recommend reapplying the Self-Tanning foam every 2-3 days to keep a good tan, or use the Express foam for when you need to get tan in a snap. You can also use the Express foam every few days, but I have found that the color doesn’t last as long on my skin. It’s a trial and error process but once you figureout your routine, you’ll be glad you did!

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Available online or in-stores at Walgreens. For more information and products check out their website at!