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Why You Need to Take a Break While Studying

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Many of us think that if we stare at a textbook for 2+ hours, we’ll eventually just remember everything we need. This isn’t actually the case. Many now say that taking breaks is key to being more productive, as long as you do them right.

The most popular way to take breaks is called the Pomodoro Technique. This means that you stop after every 25 minutes of studying and take a 5 minute break. Then, after about two hours, you take a 30 minute break.

The next thing is just as important. Remember to RELAX during your break. Many think that doing a different type of work during a break will do the same as just stopping and resting, but it won’t. It will just continue to tire you out and make you less productive in the long run.

Finally, as much as you think more screen time will relax you, try to stay away from it will you take a break. Just looking at a screen will continue to tire your eyes, which won’t be any good for your work once you return from your break.

These tips are just a few to bring into your study practices to help you learn as we move toward dead/finals week.


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