We All Need a Little Bit of Hermione Granger in us

Photo by CC0 Creative Commons

Hermione Granger, aka the baddest witch at Hogwarts, is someone who every girl should look up to nowadays. Talk about female empowerment! We all know Harry was a hero but Hermione is a character in which we can admire.

    “I’m Hermione Granger, and you are?”


Hermione was born of muggle-blood and for those who didn’t grow up on HP that means both your parents are not wizards but you are.  However, she attended Hogwarts, surrounding herself by people who grew up very differently from her. Through it all she remained true to herself.  She didn’t become the greatest witch of her generation by riding on Harry’s fame. She believed in herself and wasn’t going to change that for anyone, no matter what.  You can do the same. Believe in who you are and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

When something that Hermione didn’t agree with occurred, she stood up and made sure you knew about it.  She wasn’t going to just sit back and watch. I mean for goodness sake, she got a great punch in on Draco Malfoy in Prisoner of Azkaban because…well there are plenty of reasons why he really needed it, he’s a Malfoy.  She also started a student group, S.P.E.W. to help house elves who had been forced into slavery find sanctuary. One voice can make all the difference.  You may be there alone. People may not like what you are saying. But if you fight the good fight, people will follow.

Read.  Keep reading.  Read some more.  OMG JUST READ. If you should know anything about Hermione Granger, you should know that she is smart and strong minded.  But where do you think it comes from?? Because of her reading she solved so many problems, ranging from Nicholas Flamel to a giant snake in the castle to the existence of the Deathly Hallows.  You can learn so much from reading, so pull out those books and get to it!

Hermione taught us to cherish our friends.  I mean seriously!!! NAME BETTER TRIO THAN HARRY, RON, AND HERMIONE!  Their awesome relationship is based upon trust and respect. So, the lesson we can take from her, but really all three of our favorite Gryffindors, is that you have to have honest relationships with your friends.  Don’t be scared to tell your friend if they have done something wrong or if they do something you don’t like. And remember…ALWAYS (My HP people will get the reference there) stay true to your friends.

If you haven’t read or watched the Harry Potter series, I highly advise you should.  There are so many things to learn from the magical world that J.K. Rowling created.