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True Life: I’m Addicted to Hulu

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I’ve always been a fan of Netflix. I love binging shows, watching an entire series and moving on. Since I was a kid, I have never been the kind of person that waits a week at a time for one episode of a show. It’s hard to stay connected, it’s not fun to get hooked and then have to wait for the solution. I felt like weekly television nights were a thing of the past.


Netflix came into my life and changed everything. I could watch shows that I missed out on as a kid. I didn’t have to wait to start a new season when I finished the one before. Watching shows became part of my life in a way it never had been.


Enter Hulu. I wasn’t impressed. Commercials? No thanks. One season at a time? Absolutely not. It was a real struggle in 2013.

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash


Skip to 2018. I was reintroduced. You see, here’s my problem, Grey’s Anatomy is still going and I didn’t have a way to watch it if I missed it on TV. I didn’t want to wait to catch up until Netflix got it after the season ended. WHAT TO DO?


One of my friends gave me her Hulu password, and the ball started rolling. At first, I was just keeping up with Grey’s. Then I found current shows that I wanted to watch but had given up on because they weren’t on any streaming service (Netflix).


I’ve found shows that are still on TV that I love. They’ve become a normal part of my week. It’s only one new episode a week, but if I miss it, there’s two to watch next time! Brooklyn Nine-Nine has changed my life, and it was made possible by Hulu.

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I watch Hulu far more than I watch Netflix now. They both have good attributes and quality content. At some point though, you may have tapped out of what you were interested in on Netflix until they uploaded new content. Hulu is full of shows that are over, off season and still being made or actively releasing on a weekly basis.


If you’ve never double-dipped into more than one streaming service, try it out. Loyalty to one online supply of content only hurts one person, and it’s you. (It also hurts their profits but that’s not what we’re talking about here.) Go for it. Try it.


Kalei Cypert

Oklahoma '18

Kalei Cypert is a senior studying Professional Writing at The University of Oklahoma. She got married the summer going into her junior year and is convinced that marriage is just a bunch of sleepovers in a row with endless cuddles. She’s an avid fan of Bob’s Burgers, Oxford commas, and reading instead of doing homework.
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