Tips for Keeping a Long Distance Friendship Over Summer Break

Photo by Christiana Rivers on Unsplash


As college students, we tend to have more than one home. My phone has labeled my dorm building as “Home” on the map, and I love having my best friends so close. However, summer break will be here before we know it (I’m already doing a countdown), and we will all have to be separated from our friends for a bit as we go back to our hometowns or anywhere else the world might take us. Here are a few tips that I will definitely be utilizing this summer to keep in touch (besides just texting).


1. FaceTime

FaceTime has to be one of the best recent inventions because of the way it can solve long-distance problems so easily. Most of this generation doesn’t love talking on the phone, but with FaceTime it really makes the person feel close to you. You can have a conversation almost just as you would in person. Group FaceTimes are also a great way to keep a friend group close. Make sure to make time for these calls, or they may never happen.


2. Read the same book or watch the same movie/TV show/YouTube video

I personally think this is a fantastic idea. I love watching movies with my best friends, and this feels similar. You can watch or read on your own time and then talk about it later. I can see this working really well with mystery or thriller-type shows so you both can share theories.

Photo by Stink Pickle on Unsplash


3. Plan a visit

This may be difficult to plan, but it is well worth it. Whether one of you visits the other in their hometown, you meet somewhere in the middle or you go somewhere completely different together, seeing each other in the middle of the summer is a great way to refresh. All of these ways to stay in touch may be great, but nothing beats seeing your best friend in person.


4. Do something “together”

Personally, I love spending time with someone even if we aren’t really doing anything. You can also do this from miles apart, such as doing a craft while on FaceTime with each other. By doing the same activity, you may feel as if you’re together.

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5. If their birthday is over the summer, make sure to do something special. If not, maybe do something special anyway

It can be hard to make birthdays over the summer feel as special as birthdays during the school year when everyone is together. So if one of your friends has a birthday over the summer, then reach out to them or do something special. Perhaps you could send a card or a care package. Maybe you could plan a visit, surprise or otherwise. Even if they do not have a birthday over the summer, I’m sure one of your friends would love to receive a card.


6. Share recipes

Food is my language. I love making food for people and learning new recipes. This idea combines both. If you find a recipe that you think your friend might really enjoy, then share it with them! Then afterwards you can talk about it.


Long distance relationships take effort, and that doesn’t just apply to romantic ones. The long distance makes it easy to not include each other in your lives over the summer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Make time for those friends you miss from a different city or even state.