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Tips to Have A Stress-Free Semester

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Every college student knows that throughout the school year it can be a rollercoaster. Here are 16 tips for the 16 weeks that you can do to have a smooth ride.


1.     Keep a weekly/daily schedule

On Sunday, plan your week by breaking down what you need to get done for each day. Every day has what you need to do: homework, chores, etc.

2.     Have one “Me Day”

One day a week, you should put away the homework and stressful stuff. Grab your facemasks, nail polish and relax.

3.     Look at the future

We all know that stuff happens, but you should take the negatives and make it positive. The things that happen should push you forward. The past is in the past.

4.     Do stuff for yourself

When you are having a stressful day, go get your nails done, go shopping or go get some food. Treat yourself in any way, shape or form. Do something that makes you happy.

5.     Concentrate important things

People love juggling a lot especially if it comes to filling their resume, but you don’t have to. Focus on one or two things and perfect them. The things can include clubs and activities, but make sure they are important to you.

6.     Don’t. Procrastinate.

Make sure you get everything on time. Don’t push them back. The schedules will help you maintain it.


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7.     Breathe

Everything gets better. Just breathe. It is okay to cry it out. Everything gets better.

8.     Movie Night

One night, pop some popcorn, wrap up in a blanket and put some Netflix on. Re-watch your favorite movie or go see a new movie. Movies coming out include How to Train Your Dragon, Isn’t It Romantic?, Happy Death Day 2U, Miss Bala & Five Feet Apart.

9.     Night Out

Go out. Have fun. Be safe. Even if it is a fancy dinner or just some Whataburger after a great night.

10.  Use the weekends

Use the weekends for what they were made for. Do homework. Relax. Don’t focus too much on school. Saturdays and Sundays are free days. Do what you can.

11.  Hang with people

Surround yourself with good people. Stop isolating yourself and talk to people. They will bring your happiness.


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12.  Gym Day

Work Out! Woo! Working out will release the stress you have. Run on the track or maybe take a boxing class. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to jam out to your favorite music.

13.  Walk

If the temperature is nice and the sun is out, go on a nice walk around. Our campus is beautiful, and you’ll spot things you probably never noticed while you are rushing to classes. If walking doesn’t sound fun, then take a Lime/Bird. Campus Corner will always welcome you to shop and eat.

14.  Eat well

Not only to keep you mentally prepared, but also physically. Your diet is the most important and you don’t want to catch the Freshman (or any year) 15.


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15.  Naps

Do you miss those Kindergarten nap times? Every college kid does. It’s fine to take a short nap once in a while to refuel, but don’t go over 45 minutes, or you will feel drained and tired the rest of the day.

16.  Call home

Sometimes the best medication to stress is the feeling of home. Facetime your mom, dad, grandparents or even your dogs. They love you and want the best for you.


Laura Minyon

Oklahoma '22

Laura Minyon is a junior at the University of Oklahoma and is majoring in Special Education (K-12) with a HQ of Elementary. Laura enjoys DIYs, movies, and hanging with friends when she isn’t writing! Lauras serves as one of the Campus Correspondents at OU!
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