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A (Tiny) Starter Guide to Sustainable Living

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Regardless of your political beliefs, protecting our planet should be something we all do. Making small changes as a consumer will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle and is THE way to protecting your motha ?. 


Making this transition can seem daunting, expensive and quite frankly just something not attainable as a college student. That’s why I’ve put together a (tiny) starter guide to sustainable living! Here are three things you can do right now:


1. Alternative plastic wrap

Sustainable food storage is easy to purchase, use and reuse time and time again. Bee’s Wrap is perfect for wrapping a sandwich on the go, preserving produce, or covering leftovers. You can purchase a set and simply wash with water and soap, and reuse! 

Image via Bees Wrap


2. Reusable grocery bags

Ahhh the plastic grocery bag. We all know how much damage this simple product is doing to the planet and have seen the heartbreaking photos of animals and our oceans suffering as a consequence. Luckily, it’s ridiculously easy to stop being a part of the problem. Reusable grocery bags! There are so many out there. My favorite option is canvas tote bags! You can not only use these for groceries but any other purchased goods like clothes, toiletries, etc.

Image via Pinterest


3. Recycle and compost

Many make recycling and composting seem much more difficult than it really is. Luckily, with just a little research you can find out every option the City of Norman provides. It’s actually quite easy to visit the local recycling center and/or composting facility to dispose of your waste! And it’s one of the best ways you can start leading a sustainable + waste-free life. You can learn more about how to recycle and compost by visiting normanok.gov! 

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Raised in Dallas, Texas, McKenna is currently working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations at The University of Oklahoma. McKenna enjoys spending time in Colorado and is a lover of all things creative. In her spare time, she loves doing yoga, coffee shop hopping, and reading. Find her on Instagram @mckennaehlers.
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