Three Reasons Grey’s Anatomy Still Works

Grey’s Anatomy – Copyright ABC

Grey’s Anatomy is such a real part of life. Whether you love it or you hate it, you can’t deny that it’s one of the more successful shows right now. 15 SEASONS ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Shonda Rhimes is a TV witch and whatever magic she’s doing works on me. Here’s why Grey’s is still going strong thirteen years later.


No matter how long you’ve watched, you care about the characters.

From the very beginning, character development on this show has been amazing. We didn’t know Mark or Lexi very long, but you’re lying if you say you didn’t cry like a baby when we lost them. Shonda knows how to get you invested in her characters. Sam Bellow was a notable character for less than a season and she broke my heart.  


Throughout all of the character transitions that have happened with this cast, Shonda Rhimes kept the characters bold and relatable and we fell for them. Even when we didn’t think we could, we did. When Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West I was not a fan. You weren’t either, don’t lie. April Kepner was an annoying little farm girl that wouldn’t get out of our faces, but in the next several seasons, Shonda found a way to make us fall in love with her. Bottom line: she writes her characters to be real people with real stories that make you want to hug them, even if you want to kick them sometimes.


Meredith Grey is my best friend and I would trust her with my life.

Although the transition with all of the cast members has been hurtful and irritating, we’ve managed to kept our feet under us. Maybe it’s simply because getting rid of Ellen Pompeo would end the show. Maybe it’s because after all of the ways Shonda has “almost” killed Meredith, there’s really no good way for her to go now. Meredith also can’t leave Grey Sloan, the show would just follow her. We get to keep her, and that’s somehow just the right amount of stability for the millions of loyal viewers still tuning in week after week for this show.


Even though sometimes I haven’t really liked Meredith, I don’t like her like I don’t like my little sister. I don’t like her, but I still love her. I still need her in my life. She says the wrong thing or does something stupid sometimes and I can’t really deal with her for a minute. But I’m definitely going to finish the episode.


Even in the lull’s, Shonda had us wrapped around her finger.

I binge watched the first several seasons years ago. When I got caught up to what hadn’t been made yet, I lost touch. I didn’t have cable, and I’m not a huge fan of waiting a week at a time for one episode. But every time I said I was done, I was giving up on Grey’s, Shonda pulled me back in. I had to see what was happening with Meredith. I needed to see if Alex and Jo were going to end up together. I heard something happened to Derek and I had to see what it was. Even if you tune out, Shonda has your heart strings all tied up and she knows exactly how to pull them to get you back on her wavelength.