Things to Remember if You Think You Will Be Single Forever

Photo by Annette Sousa on Unsplash

At some point we will all go through a time where we will think we are single forever. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… You won’t!  That’s right, you AREN’T deemed to be sitting in your house with old reruns of One Tree Hill with your 40 cats. CAN YOU SAY BLESSED?! But seriously that moment that will pass— I promise!

Being single does take a toll on your after a while.  It’s hard when your friends are in relationships and you just seem to never get one, or one that can last.  Here are some pointers to help remind yourself that you will find that one you are destined for.


1. Don’t compare yourself to others

It can be super easy to look to others who are around you in relationships and compare yourself to them because of the success they may be having romantically.  Particularly if they have had multiple relationships, and you are still yet to have one. But you have to remember, everyone is destined for a different path. The rate at which we each find a relationship isn’t going to be the exact same time, so don’t stress yourself out about your BFF finding someone when you aren’t at that moment.  


2. Build your self confidence

With being single comes some free time by yourself.  Sometimes being single is actually what we need most in order to love ourselves.  Being single can really be a great time to truly build that inner relationship and be strong and independent.  There really is no such thing as too much self-love. There are plenty of other things in our lives that can tear down that self-love, so be sure to build it within yourself every single day.  And what a better opportunity to do when you’re single? Show yourself that you love YOU! Shoot even send yourself some flowers or chocolates if you want!


3. Stop playing the sad music, eating frozen pizza, and watching the Notebook all the time…It’s not helping you

Okay enough.  Seriously. It’s only a matter of time before you will find the relationship that you are looking for.  And no set amount of time is worth wallowing away for. Go enjoy your life. Get up and do something exciting.  Live your life while you’re young. Grow. Learn. Be happy. Go meet new people and enjoy your life. You weren’t put on this earth to find your “ONE”.  You were put here to live an extraordinary life, and that’s what you should do, with or without a significant other!


4. There is NOTHING wrong with you

You are so amazing and beautiful and wonderful and I can go on and on of all the adjectives that can describe you.  Just because you can’t find a relationship doesn’t mean you are any less of those things! There is no doubt that being single can be extremely upsetting, especially when others are getting into relationships.  But in no way does that mean that you aren’t enough…because you are! You may not get that relationship right now, but trust me you will!


5. It takes time, but it won’t last forever

It may seem like you’ve been single forever.  But it’s so much better to wait for the right person than to rush into a relationship that is bound to fail.  Your happiness is important. Relationships, while they are fine and dandy, aren’t something that you can push yourself into because you want to show everyone that you are happy.  Show them you are happy on your own. Again, just enjoy your life. Remember that this isn’t going to last forever. You will find someone at some point, but don’t force anything too soon.


6. Chasing is not a good idea

Alrighty then I’m about to let you in on some golden piece of advice my Dad continues to give me. Do not go chasing for someone.  I know it’s easy to go after someone because you feel alone. But to quote Michael Scott, “NOOO, GOD! NO, GOD, PLEASE, NO!” Don’t let yourself go down that road because I promise it does not get better from there.  You won’t be happy in the relationship because it is forced. There is no need to rush into something because you want to feel those “relationship feelings”. Love yourself and make sure you know who you are as an individual first.


7. You don’t need someone to make you happy

Okay so we’ve all heard this before, but the thing is IT’S THE TRUTH!  You really don’t need someone to make you happy! Why let someone else determine your feelings?  Honestly, it’s one of the best things about being single…you can feel however you want whenever you want!  This time is about you. You have plenty of people around you, like friends and family, who are all there for you.  Plus you have yourself! So go live a little and be happy.


I really do promise that it’s all going to be okay!  There isn’t any rush to get into a relationship! You don’t have to change yourself to get into a relationship!  That perfect person will come and love you just for who you are, because you are amazing in every way! And if someone can’t see that then they are missing out!  So who cares if you’re single? Go have some fun and love being who YOU are!