There are two types of people in the world…

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Apple or Android. Both sides have devote followers that would never switch to the dark side. I’ve heard some pretty heated debates on which is better, and it doesn’t usually end with a winner. Most of the time, the people with the loudest voices in these arguments have never even owned a phone by the other brand. I personally think that Apple users are more passionate about their choice because they’re constantly reminded of which of their friends has an Android by the green texts. Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest factors I’ve found that reflected my decision for my latest phone.

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Apple phones are simpler to use. Everything is on the home screen. If you want anything done, you can just go to your settings. The downside to this is that Apple users have less control over their system and apps. This usually goes unnoticed since they don’t know what they’re missing. Apple phones are luxury phones and don’t have cheap or tacky products as Android which offers cheaper alternatives. Plus, iPhones are just more secure, with less sketchy apps allowed in the app store. As a former Android user, I can now say my only issue is battery life. But it usually gets me through the day so I can’t complain too much.


Android phones have much more features to customize it to the users liking. They can look and feel like they’re luxury phones just like Apple phones, and are often cheaper. Androids control system is pretty simple and leaves it up to the phone manufacturers to update with patches. This means less buggy and more speed but has a security risk, especially with lower-end Android phones. One of the biggest selling points that Android has is the connect ability with other devices, like smartwatches, and have standard USB ports for many devices. Apple products can connect effectively with other Apple products, or through a connecting device that plugs into its lightning port.

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In the end, what influenced my decision most was a BOGO deal with the iPhone 8. Plus, the camera was a tad better than the leading Android phone that was the biggest competition. There is a social stigma associated with Android phones that I was glad to have dodged, but with the new iPhones that came out I now deal with the stigma of having such an old phone even though I got it last fall. Also I got an apple iWatch for Christmas that I love.