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Starting a Bullet Journal

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The new trend of bullet journal isn’t just for organized and trendy people. Anyone can do it. Just follow these simple steps.

1.     The Journal

With the journal, the outside doesn’t need to be printed and colorful where it is too over the top. Finding a grey, black, or brown cover will be fine, and it also gives you options to put your own twist to it. The outside doesn’t need to scream “hey look at me” yet.

2.     The Pages

Pages are normally dotted and should be around a total of 100-200 pages. This is where the creative and personalization is coming in. The pages that you put in don’t have to be perfect, but they need to be useful for you. Examples are like a sleeping log, your goals for 2019, or monthly/daily logs. Everything you put into this journal should help you, but not stress you out.

3.     The Style

There are multiple styles and themes you could have for your journal. You might even have a theme. The styles can wide from current colors or just random pages with its own theme. One page can be sunflowers, or the whole book would have a flower aesthetic.  Even with a bunch of colors that are bright can be your theme! It’s your style.


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4.     The Organization

Organization is kind of key for this. For a great structure of your journal, the best way for format is listed below.

Title Page

Year calendar

Monthly Calendar

Daily Calendar

In between the monthly pages, you can be able to add pages like goals, grocery list, and mood planner. If you want to randomly place pages, I would suggest putting page numbers and a Table of Content.

5.     The Materials

Some materials to start off this amazing journey to journaling includes:

Bullet Journal

Fine Tip Pens



Craft Masking Tape




The last tip I can give you before making this bullet journal would to BE YOURSELF. This journal is supposed to help you and you only. Every journal is different because every person is different.


Laura Minyon

Oklahoma '22

Laura Minyon is a junior at the University of Oklahoma and is majoring in Special Education (K-12) with a HQ of Elementary. Laura enjoys DIYs, movies, and hanging with friends when she isn’t writing! Lauras serves as one of the Campus Correspondents at OU!
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