Signs You Should Ghost Him During This Halloween Season

Photo by Oleg Magni on Unsplash


This is the time of year when everyone wants to find a significant other; it’s a fact. With so many couples’ activities to choose from--pumpkin carving, watching scary movies, ect.--it’s easy to see why. In this midst of all of this, it’s best to keep in mind red flags in his texts that you should watch out for so you don’t end up getting tricked instead of treated.


**disclaimer: these are based off of real instances**


1. “Wyd tonight”

This is the classic spooky text that every girl, especially every college girl, dreads. This one text contains so much that was left unsaid. It is a classic red flag if you are looking for something serious. Beyond that, if you assume its meaning and call him out, he can easily avoid the accusations by saying he didn’t mean it in a bad way. “I was just curious!” Yes, Chad, I’m sure you were.


2. “How old are you”

This one is more innocent than the preceding. However, if it is coming from someone older, it is an immediate red flag because, although he may not say it in the moment, your answer is about to upset him and you will definitely hear about it later. You don’t need someone to talk down on you. This text shows that’s what he’s about to do.


3. “I’m not looking for anything serious”

Translation: I want to play you, and three girls who are similar to you, all at the same time. Yes, this is fine if you feel the same, but don’t force yourself to have something you don’t want. Everyone is different, and not everyone wants the same things out of a relationship. Just because you really like him, or he may seem perfect for you, doesn’t mean you should change what you want.


4. “I just want to have fun”

Yes, this belongs in the category above, but it’s more sneaky, so it should get its own category. This classic line is sure to get you tricked before you even have the chance to run. Also, he gets bonus points if this is in his Tinder bio.


5. “Let’s give it a shot and see what happens”

I can tell you what will happen: nothing good. He isn’t sure about this, but he may think that he can talk you into what he wants later on. Sure, some guys actually mean this, and we love those who do, but for the rest of them, it’s best to stay away.


6. “You can stay over if you want to”

They want you to. End of story.


7. “We should hang out”

Don’t do it. Unless he specifically says that he just wants to get coffee or dinner, and has said that’s it, he does not just want to hang out. I know, it seems innocent, but it isn’t. Don’t hang out with him unless you know what he wants. Just based off this text, we know. 


8. “Come over and watch a movie”

He doesn’t care about the cinema. He might not even have a TV. This rule mainly applies to first dates and early relationships. If you don’t know anything about him and this is what he says, he’s suspicious. 


9. “I only want to please you”

Does he, though?


10. “It didn’t go well last time I tried this”

He gets major bonus points for this one. It’s my personal favorite. He either 1) has ex issues that may be an issue later, or 2) doesn’t care enough about your relationship and wants to shut you down without actually shutting you down. Either way, they’re red flags.