Saturdays Aren’t Just For the Boys Anymore

Image via Seat Geek


It’s almost the end of football season with only a four scheduled games left for the fall season. This leaves me incredibly sad and ready for next year, already. Which is weird because as a kid, I never saw myself liking football when I grew up. Even when I started cheer in high school, I wasn’t that interested in it. Now, I am obsessed with watching some Sooner football.

When I was a kid, my family would have game day food while we watched it as a family--usually, my mom screamed at the TV just as much as my dad did. My grandparents love football, too. In high school, my yearbook advisor was-and still is- obsessed with football. 

Saturdays are not for the boys anymore. Girls are starting to fill the stands more and get just as competitive. Yeah, it is a good reason for us to dress up and post on social media that we were at the game, but that’s not a good enough reason for me to spend the money on those season tickets. I scream at the game just as much as I know my mom is at home. 

When I watch the game at home with my family, I see where I get my competitiveness from when it involves football. While most girls might not know everything about football, we know enough to like it just as much as the guys do, if not more. One time, I saw a girl try to fight a guy in the stands because he was talking trash on Jalyn Hurts in the student section--big mistake, dude. To this day, she is still my idol. So, excuse me while I throw on some crimson and march down to the stadium to aggressively yell in the stands then post cute pictures on social media because I am capable of doing both.