Review: A Summer Snail Goo Moisturizer

Photo by MishiBox

From January to March, I tried numerous moisturizers because was I set on finding an affordable and light moisturizer for my acne prone skin.


Last year, I used Lush's Celestial Moisturizer which was, granted, the best smelling product I’ve ever used. It wasn’t quite perfect for me because it was too heavy on my face, something worrisome because my skin breaks out easily with too many thick products.


After my Lush moisturizer ran out, I decided I wanted to find my Holy Grail of Summer moisturizers. I wanted something light for the hot days, comfortable, and affordable.


I kept my same face washing routine and tried no other new products at this time. For months, every product was not right. The best and worst thing to happen to me was the Clinique Acne Solutions Moisturizer. This product has a lot of benzoyl peroxide which is used to treat acne. I had used previously benzoyl peroxide in face washes with no problems. I used the product for about 8 days with no issues, then on the 9th day, my face broke out into a red Hellfire which burned like crazy. I couldn’t touch my face without crying. I didn’t apply any products to my face at all for about two weeks after this to let my skin heal. Meanwhile, I was researching for anything that would help my ailing red face.


This lead me to finding the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. It is a Korean beauty product. Korean beauty products are known to be much gentler on skin than American products. The product is made with snail secretion filtrate which has the nutrients hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes and peptides. These nutrients hydrate your face, making your skin feel so much better, giving it a nice “boost.”


I will be honest when I say I had low expectations. The gel is made with snail secretion, so I expected the product to be slimy, smelly, and sticky. I was pleasantly surprised when the product came in, and it was a small pink tube with a clear gel that was neither smelly nor sticky. Using the product every morning helped heal my skin quickly and feel great again.


Since I’ve started using this product daily, my breakouts have reduced greatly, not because it has acne fighting ingredients but because it is so gentle on skin. The product is so light I never notice wearing it.


The product works as a great summer moisturizer, and as a layer underneath a thicker moisturizer during the colder months as a skin protectant. I have used this product since March and only have great things to say about it, and I’ve just ordered two more bottles.

Here's the travel size version if you’re interested in trying this product out. What’s the best part? It’s only $13.