Postpartum Tinder

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash


It’s a double-edged sword. Postpartum Tinder. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve just experienced it without knowing. If you’ve ever gotten into a relationship after meeting off of a dating app or retired from the app and missed the swiping and entertainment? That’s the exact phenomenon I’m talking about.


Not to say you wish you’d still be on the app to see potential prospects but purely just because you miss that ability to clap back at those messages you wouldn’t show your grandma and laugh to your friends about how you just saw their brother’s profile with the bio “only into hookups” when you know for a fact he still lives with his parents. I present you with a couple easy solutions to help you have a smooth transition from your full-time Tinder career to your Tinder retirement.


Step one:

Bumble friends. You are still able to have the muscle memory of swiping but this time on platonic friendships. You still get the excitement of having a new message pop up on your phone but this time it’s for someone looking for a margarita buddy. A true win-win.

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Step two:

If you were someone that enjoyed the witty clap-backs or setting someone straight, this is for you. Go to a photo of a popular celebrity, for example Khloe Kardashian. Find the most ridiculous comments on the photo; weird, inappropriate, whatever they may be and reply to them using your skillset that Tinder once perfected. You are your celebrity’s digital security guard and you’ll help enlighten some people of their foolishness.


Step three:

Step into the role of matchmaker. If you have a friend that has a dating app account but they rarely use it, help them out. Use your positive experience with the app and try to give them tips if desired. Help them reply to messages or fix their setting ranges. Take it down from 50+ to where it should be. Women supporting women.

Image via EVOKE


I hope that these three steps can help make the transition a little easier for whoever is out there needing that direction. And yes, for those of you asking, these steps do apply to postpartum Bumble, eHarmony and FarmersOnly.