Places to Travel in Oklahoma for a Low-Key Spring Break

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels


Spring Break can be a time for relaxation or travel, but why not both? These fun attractions are all within the great state of Oklahoma, and they are sure to be worth it.


1. Black Mesa State Park

Located in Oklahoma’s panhandle right near New Mexico and Colorado, this location boasts the highest point in Oklahoma. It has unique scenery, preserved dinosaur tracks and beautiful night time skies.

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2. Alabaster Cavern State Park

This location has the largest natural gypsum cave in the world that is open to the public. And it is here, in good old, Oklahoma! There are daily tours.

Image via Visit Alva


3. Little Sahara State Park

This is just one example of how much Oklahoma’s terrain can differ (which I had no idea of even though I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life). This place boasts thousands of acres of sand dunes. The main attraction is ATV riding over the dunes.

Image via Travel OK


4. Great Salt Plains State Park

This is such a unique place to visit! I actually could not believe that this place existed in Oklahoma when I first saw it. This would be an amazing place to take some pictures! The salt is left over from an ocean that covered Oklahoma in prehistoric times. There are nature trails and even a lake (that is half as salty as the ocean!) to swim in.

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5. Natural Falls State Park

This location is right on the edge of Oklahoma’s border with Arkansas in Siloam Springs. It has the opportunity for hikers to see a beautiful waterfall!

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6. Gloss Mountain State Park

These mountains have a high amount of Selenite, which means that they have a shiny exterior. There is unique terrain, landforms and lots of wildlife.

Image via Visit Enid


7. Lake Murray State Park/Lake Murray Floating Cabins

This is such a cute and quirky place to stay! It looks like it has amazing access to the lake, and it is close to everything that Murray State Park offers.

Image via Adventure Road


8. Cimmy the Dinosaur

Cimmy sits outside the Cimarron Heritage Museum in Boise City, so you could also visit there after you meet the dinosaur. Cimmy was based on actual dinosaur bones found in Cimarron County in the 1930s. I can definitely see this as an awesome Instagram picture!

Image via flickr