An Open Letter to My Heroes, Christine Blasey Ford and Anita Hill

  *** DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the opinions in this piece do not reflect the official stance and views of Her Campus, Her Campus Oklahoma nor The University of Oklahoma.*** Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash


Dear Dr. Ford and Ms. Hill,

I believe you.

You don’t know me, but words cannot describe how much I admire your strength, poise and bravery in coming forward to tell your stories about sexual misconduct at the hands of powerful men.

Coming forward to testify against your abuser isn’t easy, I have experienced it myself. Reliving the trauma of harassment and assault is painful and gruesome, much like getting stitches ripped out of a wound that has not yet healed.

I am so sorry that our system failed you. I am so sorry that your lives have been upended just because you both did your civic duties. I am not the least bit surprised, but my heart still aches for you. People around the world ache for the pain you have both endured at the expense of exposing men who have no right to be in a position of power.

The confirmations of Justice Thomas in 1991 and Kavanaugh last week were extreme losses for this nation, but I can tell you that this battle is far from over. Both of you have started and continued an important awareness that female-raised individuals are not subservient to our abusers. We will fight back, and we will never be silenced again.

So, thank you, Christine and Anita. You have begun a revolution with your bravery.



Someone who believes you