New on Netflix: Workin’ Moms

Image via CBC


Finding something new to watch on Netflix can be a daunting task to say the least, but don’t worry, I’ve got your new binge-watching drug of choice covered.  

Workin’ Moms features a glimpse into the lives of four new moms trying to juggle work, relationships and the whole motherhood thing. Even if you aren’t a mom yourself and the thought of being one scares you to death, this show is extremely relatable and hilarious.  

Workin’ Moms was created by Catherine Reitman who also stars as Kate Foster, one of the moms in the show. The fact that this show centers around the working woman experience and was created by a woman automatically makes it ten times more amazing.

Image via PopStart


In addition to being a rare fully-feminist show, it is also extremely inclusive. Workin’ Moms contains people from all backgrounds and includes various family styles that are often excluded from mainstream media.

If you aren’t into feminism and inclusivity (why are you even reading this?), then at least give Workin’ Moms a shot because it is guaranteed to make you laugh, cringe and warm your heart simultaneously.