Networking in College

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There are many different ways to get involved and meet people that can help give you a head start after graduation. The earlier you start though, the more likely someone can help you get an internship or make connections before you graduate. It is important to start early, but it’s also never too late to start. The easiest way is to talk to the OU Lead & Volunteer office, your advisor or look up the list of all clubs and organizations and when they first meet in the semester.

Connections are really important, and the more diverse groups of people you meet the more variety of opportunities you will have. This means joining any clubs or organizations that interest you as well as thinking about what would look good on your resume. When applying for future jobs, having some of these on your resume could really impact your interviewers hiring decision. Another good way to make connections would be to work during your undergrad years, especially with on campus jobs or at any place where college students work.

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Church and on-campus religious organizations, intramural sports, philanthropic events and even making study groups for your classes are just a few simple ways to begin making connections. Another easy way is to join a fraternity or sorority; look at the academic fraternities first and see their requirements for getting in. These are pretty inexpensive and connect you with individuals in your field of study. Any sorority or fraternity would help you make lifelong connections that could introduce you to companies and job opportunities even well after graduation.

Talk to your advisor, many departments and colleges here at OU have a by-invitation-only club or fraternity that they can refer you to. Professors would be more than happy to write you a recommendation letter for anything academic or anything that can help you boost your career.