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My Top 6 Favorite Fall Clothing Pieces

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Fall is the season of drinking pumpkin spice lattes, buying too many pairs of boots, and re-watching Hocus Pocus an obscene amount of times, but my favorite thing about fall is the fashion. While my wardrobe in the fall mostly consists of oversized shirts and leggings, every so often I break out of the leggings and don my cutest fall look. When it comes to fall fashion, the possibilities are endless. There is so much you can do from layering to combining different textures, so here are some of my favorite fall pieces to help you achieve your best fall look!


1.    Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have been all the rage since last fall, and they don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. I bought my first pair last October; they were green and Kim Possible-esque. At first, it was super complicated for me to style. I mostly stuck with white shirts and sweaters, but I branched out by trying colors like maroon and grey as well as trying layering with coats and textures. I wore them constantly last year, and they’re still a staple in my fall wardrobe this year. Now, cargo pants come in a multitude of colors from light brown to light pink and are a great way to change up your wardrobe! 

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2.    Jumpsuits

I have always been afraid of wearing jumpsuits. As a short girl, I was worried that this clothing item would swallow me up. That all changed last year. I tried one on when I went shopping, and I loved it! All of last fall, I had so much fun styling different shirts and sweaters underneath it, as well as pairing cute boots with it. One of the big things I realized about jumpsuits is that they needed to be fitted to look the best. Also, adding layers as well as heeled boots will create more dimensions to the basic jumpsuit. Make sure they aren’t too long and that they fit you well, and you’re good to go!

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3.    Sherpa/Shearling Jackets

Sherpa jackets have been popular all year-long. These jackets are soft, lightweight, and luxurious while still being pretty affordable. This piece is extremely versatile and can be worn with a dressy outfit but also with workout pants and sports bras. It’s great for fall, especially in Oklahoma, since it’s not super cold but it isn’t super warm either. These jackets are such a great purchase, and you won’t regret it!

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4. Midi-Skirts

I have never been a huge midi-skirt fan. Again, I am pretty short so the fear that the midi-skirt would swallow me up is real, but I just fell in love with this trend! The skirts, paired just right, are super fashionable. It’s a clothing item that is new and eye-catching. My favorite ones happen to be the cheetah print ones. Partly because of the animal print trend but mostly because my cheetah girl dreams are coming true!

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5. Corduroy Pants

I love playing with different textures, and recently I have been obsessed with corduroy pants. I think this texture adds so much to a fall wardrobe. Casually, the piece can be paired with a sweater and cute boots, but it can also be dressed up with a dressy top and heels. Live your best 70s gal life this fall with this iconic material. You won’t regret it!

Image via Skirt Raelyn Magazine


6. Graphic Sweatshirts

Graphic sweatshirts have always been super popular, and it’s a great casual piece that I love for the fall time. These items can be paired with so much and are super comfy. They come in handy when you’re in need of a really quick outfit that’s still casual and trendy. I highly recommend grabbing a few this fall!

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