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My Current Favorite Youtubers That Motivate Me

1. bestdressed

Ashley, aka “bestdressed” on social media platforms, is a lifestyle and fashion vlogger. She does everything from thrifting, to lovely chit-chat videos about beauty standards, how to love being single and so much more. From watching only a couple seconds of her videos, you can see how much effort she puts into every single video, and I am absolutely inspired by her hard work!

2. Danielle Carolan

Danielle Carolan is a lifestyle YouTuber who is also a college student. She posts “week-in-my-life” vlogs and makes videos about being productive and how to plan successfully. Whenever I hit a slump, watching her videos makes me want to be just as productive as her. Her videos give me so much motivation and energy, and I totally recommend checking her out!

3. Elloitsangela

Angela, aka “elloitsangela” on social media, is a college student YouTuber who posts study videos, as well as week-in-my-life vlogs. Her videos are extremely calming, and always leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Whether you need a study buddy or just tips on how to plan your weeks out, Angela does it all, and her personality makes you feel much less stressed!

4. MissRemiAshten

Remi Ashten is a lifestyle, beauty and fitness vlogger that posts everything from cooking videos to workout videos, but I love watching her vlogs. She posts a little bit of everything on her vlog channel, but her bubbly personality brightens up my mood and leaves me feeling like I can take on anything!

public health major at the university of oklahoma lover of iced coffee, fashion, writing, and netflix
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