Movie Review: A Simple Favor Had Me on the Edge of My Seat

Image via Lionsgate

This past weekend I saw A Simple Favor with my boyfriend. Ever since the first trailer came out I was intrigued to learn more. The trailer is brief and leaves you asking a lot of questions. This is how I knew it was going to be a good one.


The movie is based off Darcy Bell’s book, A Simple Favor. I broke the rule of books to movies by seeing the movie first (which I never do). The movie tells the story of two very opposite women. A mom volgger, Stephanie (played by Anna Kendrick) and Public Relations Director, Stephanie (Blake Lively). As you can tell, the two live very opposite lives making it unusual for them to become friends. Their sons are in the same first grade class which ultimately brings them together.

The two begin hanging out and learning more about each other… so Stephanie thought. There is way more to Emily than she thought she knew.


Overall, I would give the movie an A. It was definitely different seing Anna Kendrick play a mom given her past roles. However, she played the part well and still had that innocent look. Blake Lively is an amazing actress that absolutely NAILED the part as Emily. Her beauty and smirks ties her manipulative character in so perfectly.

If you have seen Gone Girl (also based off of a novel) you can definitely get the same vibes. The main character is charming, successful, manipulative and so captivating. The twist in turns of A Simple Favor are much more interesting. You never truly knew what was happening or what turn it might take. The characters are never truly who they seem.


If you need weekend plans, I 100% recommend this movie.