Kanye Breaks the Internet

Photo via Grammy Awards

Last week Kanye broke the internet with a tweet that was 7 words long.


“I love the way Candace Owens thinks.”


For those who don’t know who Candace Owens is, she is a young, black, conservative who works for Turning Point USA, as well as promotes black empowerment.  Kanye and Candace ended up having a meeting discussing such topics.


He then went on to tweet about President Donald Trump and their “dragon energy”.


And Republicans fell all over this!  He was all about freedom of speech and freedom of thought, while many Democrats and celebrities unfollowed, and gave him hate for supporting President Trump.  


Later this week Kanye tweeted a picture of Emma Gonzalez and captioned it, “My hero Emma Gonzalez.”  And in response many Republicans who had spent the past few days praising their new celebrity were quickly saddened.  


There are some major things to take away from Kanye’s tweets, whether you agree with one side or the other.


The first being… don’t worship celebrities.  They change their minds a lot on issues. Ideas don’t always stand the test of time.


The second is that people have the right to feel a certain way, but you also have the right to disagree with them.  With there being such high amounts of political polarization currently, it is unlikely you will agree 100% with someone on every political issue.  Just remember that if you are having a conversation with someone who you disagree with to hear what they have to say and then in a civil manner discuss the issue.  We won’t get anywhere if we are just name-calling. We all have freedom of thought and speech, which needs to be respected as it was one of the greatest points our country was founded on.


Because of Kanye’s tweets, people are now freely thinking.  You don’t have to be conformed to a certain political thought because of how you grew up, what you are registered as, or what you look like.  Form your own thoughts, and don’t be scared that someone else will shut you down for thinking and believing them.