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I’m Bringing Outdoor Voices to Campus and getting OU #DoingThings

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For those of you that haven’t heard of Outdoor Voices, here’s the quick run down!

OV is a recreation brand whose mission is to Get the World Moving because Doing Things – moving your body and having fun with friends – is the surest way to a happy and healthy life.

I’ve been a biiigggggg fan of OV for a while now and have always loved its message (as much as I do the clothes). I truly believe when we free fitness from performance, that’s when the real magic happens. Moving creates endorphins, and Endorphins Make You Happy!

Ultimately, OV is building a community who believe in the power of Doing Things For Fun. And why not bring that community to OU?

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Well…I am (hi-fives)!! I’m one of the newest teammates of OVUniversity Crew which means not only will you be seeing a lot of posts about OV and their products on my socials (@mckennaehlers), but I’ll also be helping host Monthly Doing Things Events at OU; anything from a hike, joggers club, dog walk, or yoga class! 

? AND THERE’S MORE! ? If you sign up to join OVUniversity with your .edu email, you can break a sweat between study sessions and save 20% off (almost) everything in stores and online!!
Just click HERE and you’re ready to get Doing Things! ✨

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Raised in Dallas, Texas, McKenna is currently working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations at The University of Oklahoma. McKenna enjoys spending time in Colorado and is a lover of all things creative. In her spare time, she loves doing yoga, coffee shop hopping, and reading. Find her on Instagram @mckennaehlers.
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