I Had an Ipsy Subscription for a Year: Here’s What I Learned

Image via Hello Subscription

Ipsy is a service that sends you a “Glam Bag” of five products that are tailored to you. This is based on a quiz you take when you sign up and your reviews on products you received in previous bags. I heard about Ipsy from a couple of my friends and saw it reviewed online. I decided that, as a beauty lover, I would like a subscription. I received a year’s subscription for my birthday in August 2017, but I decided to not renew it before coming to college. Here is what I learned in that year’s time!


1. Ipsy is a super fun service

I was always so excited to see what products I would receive in each month’s “sneak peek.” Even more fun was waiting for my bright fuschia package around the 15th. I loved opening the bag and playing with each of the new products to see how they worked.


2. Don’t expect to see super popular brands all the time

There are occasionally some large brands included in the Ipsy bag, but there are also a lot of brands that you have probably never heard of. While these products are good too, don’t come into the process expecting to see your bag full of only Urban Decay, Tarte or Make Up For Ever.  If you want specific samples, then just go to Sephora.


3. Don’t expect full-size products all the time

Ipsy mostly sends samples. Full-size products are usually only included when, I assume, the product would not work as a sample. For example, liquid lipsticks and concealers might come in their original packaging because it is easier to do that than develop a smaller tube. Full-size products are not so rare as that you’ll never get one, but they do not come all the time. (If you want all full-sized products, then try checking out BoxyCharm. Note: It is more expensive).


Image via Ipsy


4. You probably will collect a lot of small products

Especially having the subscription for a year, I felt like I ran out of places to put all my samples. They are small, but they really start to add up. Most likely you will find a few products that you love and use everyday while the rest might be put up and used on occasion.


5. You might get the same type of product a lot

It seems like my Ipsy Bag would go through trends of what it sent me. For a while, I would get a liquid lipstick every month while other products I also wanted came less often. Right when I had decided to change my quiz to tell them to send me less liquid lipsticks, they started sending me less even though I had not done anything yet.


6. It’s a really great way to find products that you love

While not every product is a hit, I have found a good number of products that I love and use everyday. I would consider repurchasing them when I ran out. I heard the brand of some of these products before, but not all of them. I’m really glad that I got the chance to try them.


All in all, I really enjoyed my time with Ipsy. However, even as a complete beauty lover, a year was about the right amount of time for me. I don’t have the same amount of room to amass a lot of products. However, I think that people should try it if they are interested.


Also, I think a 3-month subscription ($30) would make an excellent and original gift for that makeup addict in your life! I mean, Christmas will be here before we know it! (Just saying).