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How to Stay Healthy on a College Budget

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“Don’t get the freshman 15.”

“College will make you gain stress weight.”

“It’s hard to be healthy in college.”


        Every college student has heard or said one of those statements before, but how hard is it to stay healthy in college. A healthy diet has seemed like it is so expensive, but keep in mind some of these tips to stay on a budget and live as healthy as you can be.


Frozen Healthy Food

        I understand that frozen food is always debatable, but these simple, microwavable meals that are already prepped are cheap and easy. Companies like Healthy Choice, Marie Callender’s, and Lean Cuisine are the best and they taste amazing. These meals will fill your hunger for the next couple hours and they only take up to 7 minutes to make.

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Weekly Meals

        Plan your meals that you will eat each day. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. With planning these meals, you will be able to count your calories and won’t be able to snack on other food. It also helps on how much you need to spend on groceries.



        COUPONS ARE SUPERHEROES! I will repeat that multiple times! Save that money no matter what you are buying. Find them in articles, sales, and newspapers. Also, there are multiple apps you can have on your phone if you are modern. Download Krazy Coupon Lady, The Coupons App, and Food Coupons.

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Generic Brands

        I know you love your name brand food, but generics are the way to go. They are cheaper and taste the same. Whether it’s noodles to flour, they are the same and can save you so much money! Target, Walmart, etc. all have their own brand; look for them!


Cook Large Portions

Making your own meals and following recipes might be more expensive, but if you make a large portion then you have leftovers. These can fit in your lunch and not have to spend extra on more food for the week.

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Stick to Your Grocery List

Before you go shopping, list out what you need and stick to it. Focus on what you and not what. You don’t need those Cosmic Brownies, okay.


No Junk Food

I know that junk food is cheap, but it’s not worth it. Stay healthy. Make sure you find your right diet plan and stick to it. It is okay to have one cheat day but try every other week. The results will be worth it.


Laura Minyon

Oklahoma '22

Laura Minyon is a junior at the University of Oklahoma and is majoring in Special Education (K-12) with a HQ of Elementary. Laura enjoys DIYs, movies, and hanging with friends when she isn’t writing! Lauras serves as one of the Campus Correspondents at OU!
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