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How to Brighten Your Day in Three Simple Ways

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oklahoma chapter.

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With the semester coming to a close, assignments on the rise and finals approaching, it is easy to become distracted and even a little blue. It is not unusual to feel a dip in your confidence or motivation, but fortunately, there are quick fixes to these kind of end-of-semester dips.

As a fellow student who feels the burden of classes determined to kill personal willpower, I’ve found three strategies to turn those lapses into lightheartedness. To begin, consider constructing a power playlist; take your absolute and all-time favorite songs and compile them to create an environment in which you are not only comfortable, but productive. I made a point to craft multiple playlists to fit whichever mood I’m in, and surprisingly enough, that has made all the difference in brightening my demeanor and determining the rest of my day.

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Rise and Shine Sunshine!

Secondly, try waking up a little bit earlier — I know, ew! No one likes an early alarm and most people don’t spring out of bed the second the birds start singing outdoors. However, by giving yourself enough time to wake up smoothly, enjoy a wholesome breakfast and get put together without a time constraint, you set the tone for the day and even the rest of your week. I think it’s safe to say that no one, and I mean no one, likes waking up to realize there’s fifteen minutes until class starts. Rushing around your room and trying to fit everything in your bag moments prior to a mass lecture is not refreshing — so give yourself that time to prepare accordingly.

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Call Your Besties!

Last but not least, call your best friend, your sister, your mom — really anybody who knows how to uplift and support you no matter the time of day. I know that giving a quick ring to my mother always puts a smile on my face and reduces whatever duress I might be under. Take time to focus on yourself! Self love is vital to surviving not only your time in college, but also living a life of fulfillment and peace. Live your best life by prioritizing what makes you the happiest.

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