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Here’s how you can be single and celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s the season for undying love… or something like that. Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone – relationship or not. The holiday plays many different roles in everyone’s lives. Sometimes couples don’t even like the pressure of the holiday. Valentine’s Day can reap a lot of benefits and be rather enjoyable even if you’re as single as it gets.

Spend the day with your gals

You can get dinner with your friends and have an ultimate night out. Give yourself a reason to get dolled up and hit the town with your favorite gal pals. Or, if you’re feeling the opposite, have a pajama night with dinner, wine, and a movie to remind you that relationships aren’t the only way to be happy. An arcade date or roller-skating would be just as fun, too!

Discounted candy the next day

Walmart and most stores discount their candy up to 50% off in bulk the next day. Sometimes this day is even better than Valentine’s Day itself. It’s okay to treat yourself – especially if you don’t have a S.O. to do that for you.

Self-love counts

Don’t want to spend the day with your friends or they’re all in relationships? Don’t sweat it! Take the day to light a candle, pop open a bottle of wine, and take a relaxing bath before watching a movie – horror or rom-com. A holiday is a holiday, take a break!

Buy yourself flowers and candy

Don’t let your lack of a S.O. deprive you of being spoiled. Get yourself some flowers and candy or whatever you want that you think you can only have if a S.O. gets you. Get yourself a nice fluffy blanket to go with it to surround yourself with warmth.

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day-with a S.O., with your friends, or by yourself- it’s a day to celebrate happiness and love in your life. Don’t waste the day by being sad or upset. This isn’t the only day to celebrate these things, either. Don’t take it all for granted – love every day.

Hi, my name is Halea and I am a junior studying Professional Writing with a minor in Editing and Publishing at the University of Oklahoma. I quote Friends a tad too often, love spending time with my friends and family, and writing (naturally).
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