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Soda is one of the top drinks consumed in the United States. Whether with a meal, used as an afternoon pick me up or used as a cocktail mixer, it’s clear that this drink is something Americans love.


While it’s clearly a popular choice, soda also has several downsides. The consumption of soda also means there is sugar, fructose, phosphoric and citric acid, sodium and excess calories in your drink.


Here are some alternatives to drinking regular soda that are better for you and your body.

1. Water

Our bodies need it DAILY! Give your body what it needs and drink up. You can also purchase a water infuser, pack it full of fruit and enjoy fruity water.


2. Kombucha

Still fizzy like soda, but packed with probiotics that are better for your body. These drinks are typically raw, which means we know all that goes into them.


3. Coffee

If it’s not loaded with tons of sugar or cream, this drink will give you the caffeine pick me up without all the added calories.


4. Tea

Lots of choices from herbal to black to green, there is a choice for every person out there. Also a few different ways to brew, which allows for more variety. Teas also have some great health benefits that are better than soda.


5. Smoothies

The possibilities are endless here! Add fruits, veggies, protein powders, nut butters, milks or juices to make your favorite combination. The best part? You know what’s going in the drink.


6. Sparkling Water

La Croix or San Pellegrino have some great alternatives that are sparkling and delicious, without all the added calories.


Meagan Loyd is a senior at the University of Oklahoma studying Professional Writing at Gaylord College of Journalism. She loves Target, Starbucks, quarter-zip sweatshirts, Chicago Cubs Baseball, Sooner Football, and all of the books!
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