Four Reasons You Have To See A Star Is Born



Compelling, raw and real. A Star Is Born is everything I imagined and more. Here's four reasons why this movie is a MUST see.

1. The Acting  

We all knew Bradley Cooper was an AH-MAZING actor, but he takes it to a different level in A Star Is Born. He fully embraced his character in a way that was charming, heartbreaking and just flat out outstanding. As if we didn't love Lady Gaga before, this woman can act! Gaga looked like a seasoned pro. The two actors made the script look effortless, and that is something that even Academy Award winners have struggled to do.


2. The Singing  

Lady Gaga blew me away with the versatility of her voice in this movie. She proved she can rule the pop industry, as well as the rock if she wanted to. She is a legend, and this movie definitely proved it. Okay, let's talk about Bradley Cooper. If his face isn't enough for you to fall in love with him, I promise you his voice is. His voice is definitely sending some Chris Stapleton and John Moreland vibes, and I can't get enough!


3. The Soundtrack  

I downloaded the soundtrack within 30 seconds of leaving the theater. The music is all original, and after seeing the movie, listening to songs makes me emotional. The lyrics are so authentic, and I know I will be obsessed with them for the rest of forever.


4. It’s About Real-Life Issues  

Sure, not everyone can be a famous pop star and fall in love with Bradley Cooper, but this movie shows a lot of real-life issues. It covers addiction, depression, codependency and how difficult love can be. It is not an easy movie to watch, but it is one that needs to be seen. By incorporating these issues, A Star Is Born makes the audience feel empathetic. The movie is so good because it is just so real. If you haven't already, go see this movie! Be sure to bring your tissues because this tearjerker is an amazing example of what a movie should be.