Five tips for surviving midterms

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels


I’m not sure about you, but my midterms are quickly approaching. Midterms always seem to catch me by surprise! With all the classes we take in one semester, it can be hard to prepare for each midterm without losing your mind. Here are five tips to make sure you prepare for your midterms!


Reread Course Material

During the week before my midterm, I like to go through all of the material again briefly. This could be rereading your notes, skimming through the textbook readings, or rewatching online lectures. It depends on the class what you think would be most beneficial. I think this step is important just to make sure you get an overview of the whole course before you do any in-depth studying. This allows you to review any big concepts before you start reviewing the specific stuff!


Review any important terms or formulas

For this, quizet is your new BFF. Although you can use regular old flashcards, my favorite way to study terms and formulas is quizlet because has an option where you have to type out the answer. For most college classes, the midterm isn't going to be completely multiple choice, so knowing those terms really well will be important.


Practice, practice, practice

If your professor has told you the format of the test, try to practice with that format! For example, If you know there are going to be short answer questions, try to find examples in your textbook or online and try to write them without help to see what you need to study more.


Make it fun

Meet up with your friends who have the same class and review together!


Make sure and take a break

With all this studying to do, it can feel overwhelming, like you don’t have time to take a break, but trust me you do! When you take time to rest, it gives you more energy to keep going. Remember to not overwork yourself!