Five Steps to Being a Better Writer

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash


Step One: Read more.

Reading more material adds to your brain bank. A lot of people don’t like to read because they’ve only ever read required books that they never ended up liking. There are so many books out there about every subject imaginable that are written in so many different styles. Plus, when you find a really good book, you can replicate what you like and avoid what you don’t.


Step Two: Get a second opinion.

Writing is about telling the world what you want to say. But are you saying it in the best way possible? Letting your friends or a family member read your writing before you publish it can let you know if you’re communicating exactly what you want.


Step Three: Keep a notebook.

Not a literal notebook, unless you feel like lugging one around. It could be a Pinterest account or picture folder on your phone. Being ready to save something or write down an original thought when you can, whether it’s as a screenshot or a note on your phone, could lead to something great later when you’re actually ready to write about it. Take advantage of anything that could inspire your creativity later on.


Step Four: Try a different writing style.

Even if it’s not serious. Free writing whatever pops into your head, even if you plan on trashing it, could help you find out how you really feel about a subject. Writing poetry, a research article, a short novel; all these could be fun and influence your typical writing style. How can you know your true writing abilities if you don’t exercise them?


Step Five: Keep a thesaurus nearby.

Check your grammar. Find new synonyms for words you use often. Proofread everything before finally submitting it. If your writing seems dull or repetitive, a thesaurus can give you the perfect alternate words to make it better.