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Five Easy Ways To Make Every Day A Good One

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

With midterm exams and projects looming, it is easy to feel stressed and anxious throughout your day. Here are five basic things anyone can do to make each day better––whether you are a student or not.


1. Wake Up Earlier

This may seem difficult, especially if you stay awake until 2 a.m. doing last-minute assignments like me. While it is important to be well rested, it is equally as important to give yourself time to prepare for your day. Whether this means taking time to dress a little nicer for yourself, cook yourself breakfast or simply have quiet time for your own wellbeing, waking up even 30 minutes earlier can help improve your mood.


2. Get Active

The only thing I hate more than someone who tells me to wake up early is someone who tells me to work out every day. While it is hard to find time, or even the motivation, to get to the gym every day, it is an important aspect in maintaining a happy lifestyle. When your body is healthy your mind is healthy. Spending one hour a day doing some type of physical activity can improve the way you feel about yourself.


3. Drink More Water

I love to indulge in an iced coffee just as much as other college students, but sometimes I forget that my body needs more than strictly caffeine to thrive. Drinking water can help you feel more energy throughout the day, as well as helping you stay focused while studying. When people feel tired they are often dehydrated. Drinking more water can help you stay alert, healthy and ultimately happier throughout your day.


4. Take Time To Breathe

As someone who struggles with anxiety, it is difficult to remember that your mental health cannot come second to academic success. While grades are important, it is okay to take time to breathe. It is okay to relax. Taking time to just chill is something every perfectionist needs to do.


5. Forgive Yourself

Whether you received a bad grade on an exam, had an awkward interview or a fight with your best friend, it is vital to forgive yourself. You are a beautiful person who is flawed. Everyone is. Do not let these flaws stop you from living a happy, meaningful life. Forgive yourself for your wrongdoings, and show yourself some grace. That is the only way to truly be at peace with your life.


Addison Kliewer

Oklahoma '20

Journalism senior at the University of Oklahoma. Lover of all things pumpkin, coffee, books, new friends and expressing opinions through subpar writing.
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