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Everything to Love About Baker Mayfield Going First in the NFL Draft

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Walk on.

Earn a starting position.


Walk on.

Earn a starting position.

Win three Big 12 Titles.

Win the Heisman.

And now the Number One pick in the NFL Draft.

Baker Mayfield was just selected as the number 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.  The Cleveland Browns chose to add Baker to their team for this upcoming season.  

What can he not do?

Baker Mayfield is the epitome of hard work.  Talk about pushing through people betting against you! When Baker was recruited in high school, he was only offered a scholarship by four schools.  But that wasn’t what he wanted, so he walked on at Texas Tech. Then we all know how the story goes where he transferred to OU after that. But through this all Baker exhibited an incredible example of betting on yourself and being your biggest fan.

Baker showed us that you have to trust in your own ability when others don’t.  

People said he wouldn’t play at Tech.  He did. He was the Big 12 Freshman of the Year.

People said he wouldn’t play at OU.  He did. He led the team to three Big 12 Titles.

People said he wouldn’t ever win the Heisman.  He did. He was nominated twice, and won once.

People said he wouldn’t be drafted.  He did. He was first.

The big lesson to take away from all of Baker’s over comings is that in order to succeed in anything you choose to do, you have to believe you can!  That’s the first step. Set your mindset right and you can achieve anything. The next step is just simply working hard. Once you decide whether you want to go be great, you have to put your words into action.  Baker was one of the hardest working athletes to ever come through OU. All of this derives from his confidence and charisma. We’ve seen him run down the field after scoring swinging his arms around in excitement.  Baker brought out the heart behind the Sooner’s Team.

The odds were against Baker, but that didn’t stop him from accomplishing greatness.  The same can go for yOU! Take all of the great qualities Baker exhibited through football, and apply them to your life.  You have every chance to become successful if you simply put your mind to it and work hard.

Congrats to Baker Mayfield and we can’t wait to cheer you on in Cleveland!


Mac Crone

Oklahoma '20

Mac is a sophomore at OU, from Florida, studying management information systems, pre law, with a minor in politcal science.  She is involved in sports and politics, with the plans to continue both after college.  She is passionate about writing and hopes to influence others in some way through it.  
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