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Are you tired of the clothes in your closet? By following some of these DIYs you’ll be able to customize your wardrobe using clothes you already had!

1. Painted Denim!

You’ve probably seen is trend all over social media, and by using supplies you already have at home you can get a replica for next to nothing! For this DIY, you can use jeans, shorts or a jean jacket! For jeans I have been loving the star trend. It’s super classic and you can definitely sport them at football games! Shorts are also a super fun option because you can opt to only paint the back pockets (business in the front, party in the back).


2. Frayed Jeans

Another trend that I’ve seen in so many stores and instagram pictures. This DIY is also super simple, but can be slightly intimidating to someone who has never cut their own jeans before. To begin, you need to cut the ends of the jeans off using scissors. Once that step is completed, you will need a seam ripper to rip the vertical seam apart. This part allows you to customize the length of the fringe, depending on how far up you tear the vertical seam. Once that step is completed, all you have left to do is fray the hem. You do so by either rubbing the newly cut edge between your fingers or using your seam ripper to pull apart the individual threads. Once you have the jeans the way you like them pop them in the wash and you’re good to go! If you’re still not totally in love with how they look you can twist some of the threads together, for a chunkier and trendier look!


3. Tube Top

I’ve done this DIY to old t-shirts I had that I wanted to style differently, or shirts I’ve gotten from michaels when I couldn’t find a tube top in the color I wanted. It’s super easy and is another no-sew DIY! First you are gonna start with your shirt upside down, so that the bottom hem would now be the top seam. Using a ruler, you are gonna draw a line at how long/short you want the tube top to be, and then simply cut across that line. Now flip the shirt over and draw a vertical line straight up the back of the shirt. From there you are going to cut two horizontal lines on both sides. Then simply put the shirt on and tie the back with 3 bows or knots and you are good to go! ​Watch tutorial here.


4. Front Tie Shirt

Another simple t-shirt hack: all you need to do for this one is cut a V from the collar, ending with the point at the very bottom of the shirt. Then simply put the shirt on and tie the front and you will be rocking one of the latest trends! Watch tutorial here


5. Gameday Tank

If you’re like me you’ve accumulated a lot of boring college tshirts. If you need a gameday outfit in a pinch here is an easy way to revitalize one of those college shirts! All you need to do is cut off the sleeves, making it a tank top. Then you are going to cut a small triangle cut out underneath the collar. It’s as easy as that!


Melissa is currently a Junior at the University of Oklahoma where she is pursuing her degree in criminology. Aside from writing for HerCampus, Melissa is involved in greek-life as a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, the honor society of Alpha Lambda Delta, and her university's criminology club. A Jersey native, she enjoys spending her weekends in the city or at the beach with friends, as well as shopping and listening to music.
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