College Night Routine

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In college, every night usually looks a little different. You may be hanging out with friends late, working on that paper you procrastinated or actually getting to bed on time. Whatever your nights look like, it’s important to have a consistent night routine. Having a consistent night routine can help you to have a more productive and less stressful morning the next day. If you prepare for the next day, you won’t have as much to worry about when you are trying to get out the door and on the way to class. Here is my night time routine.


Take some time to relax

When I get back to my dorm from a day of work, classes and anything else, I like to take a few minutes to relax. I usually catch up on my favorite YouTubers or scroll through Instagram or Pinterest. I think it is good to give my brain a break before I jump back into doing anything productive.



Most days, I have some breaks in my schedule during the day that I like to try to use to do homework, but I usually have to do some studying in the evening too. During this time, I usually go through my planner and see what I have going on the next day and make sure I didn’t forget any assignments and work on whatever homework I have.


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Prepare for the next day

I work really early most days before my classes, so I like to get everything ready and laid out for the next morning so that I can sleep as long as possible. I put out my work clothes, pack my backpack and clean up a little so that the next morning everything is ready to go!


Shower and skincare routine

I like to shower at night so that I spend less time getting ready in the morning. During this time, I just do all the usual bathroom stuff: brush my teeth, wash my face and moisturize. Sometimes I even use a facemask!


Take some time to relax part 2

After I shower, I usually turn on my essential oil diffuser with a calming scent like lavender. I will read a book, journal or watch Netflix; anything to help me wind down before bed!


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Lights out!

Time to go to sleep!