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Now, if you’re anything like me, you LOVE games. I find myself always itching for the next best game to play with family, friends, and pretty much anyone who agrees to a round. Board games are a great excuse for a party, and a fantastic way to get to know your friends better. You can play these games sober or tipsy, with your family, your best friends or people you just met.


1. Rick and Morty: Mr. Meeseeks' Box o' Fun Dice and Dares Game.

You don’t need to have seen the show to love this game, unless you just really like funny references. This game is for mature audiences and is a good game for a party. It’s also a good game to combine with drinking. It’s like truth or dare, without the head scratcher of coming up with questions, and less pressure and less uncomfortableness. There are levels of how far you do and don’t want to go so it’s a good icebreaker too.

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2. Fun-Employed

    This game is fun for family, friends, and strangers. It has a PG mode for when you want to play with family, and a PG-13 mode for your friends. In this game you draw a series of cards with “Qualifications,” and you must try to appeal to a random job. It’s random and fun, yet easy enough for little siblings or very drunk friends.

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3. Taboo

    This game is PG-rated, and is a good time especially if you’ve enjoyed games like charades. You have to describe a word without using the obvious descriptive words. You have to be quick on your feet, but it’s great for your competitive side. This is best for large groups so it’s fun to whip out at a party or at a family event.

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4. Who’s Most Likely To

    This is a game for your close circle of friends. It’s meant to be a drinking game, but it’s fun sober if you’re with people that get you. It’s a mature game, and it’s a quick easy way to really get a party going. With the end of the semester approaching, it’s a nice way to bond with your friends and wrap up the year.

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5. Sushi Go!

    In this PG pass and play card game, the goal is to customize your order to get the highest points in the most creative way possible in sushi form. This game also has levels like beginner and master. While this may appear complicated at first, you’ll find you and whoever you play with moving up in levels with increasing competitiveness and fun. It’s my personal favorite board game.

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