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College is a time of change. Childhood friendships fade, but in the transition from child to adult, you can also find your lifelong friends— or even your soulmates… but not the kind of soulmate you might be picturing.

In our Western society, we often picture love and soulmates as something that can only be romantic. I disagree. I firmly believe that platonic soulmates exist, and that these friendships are some of the most beautiful and intimate relationships you’ll have during your life.

I found mine during the first semester of my freshman year. We had been working together the latter half of the semester, but didn’t really hit it off until the office Christmas party. Like most adult Christmas parties, everyone got pretty shambly. My coworker and I, both very uncomfortable at parties, ended up hanging out together on the couch and chatting all night. We talked about our favorite video games, our childhoods, and our dreams. From that moment on, we were family.

My best friend and I grew incredibly close incredibly quickly. In fact, we took time off school together and drove all the way to Alaska with her partner and two dogs. Let me tell you with absolute certainty— if you can survive two weeks in a car with someone and still want to be around them, then you are soulmates.

After the summer, I returned to school and she moved to another state. It’s been really challenging and lonely being apart from my best friend. Despite the miles between us, I’ve learned important lessons about friendships and love.

The first lesson I learned is that friendships are the most beautiful relationships. Platonic love between two people is such a special thing. My whole life I thought love only happened between people if they were romantically involved, but boy I was wrong.

The second, and most important lesson I learned, is that a true friend is always your friend no matter what. Whether you are thousands of miles apart or don’t have the chance to speak very often— true friendship is an acknowledgement that you’re always there and that the bond and love between you is unbreakable.

No matter where our lives take us, I am so thankful that I got to befriend one of my soulmates so early on in life. Whether we both marry the loves of our lives or end up old, single cat people together— I know our friendship will always persist.


Syd Stephenson

Oklahoma '20

Syd is an LGBTQ Studies junior at the University of Oklahoma. Currently, they are the senior editor for Her Campus, OU and a national blogger for Her Campus. After college, Sawyer hopes to work in journalism, the non-profit sector or as a lawyer. Previously, they were the assistant engagement managing editor and copy editor at the OU Daily. In their free time, they love to rock climb, exercise, read books about food, play with their cat Pizza, and put stickers on everything.
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