Amy Schumer Gets Real in New Comedy Special

Image via Hollywood Reporter


Many people know her as raunchy, sarcastic or that “plus size” blonde lady that gets cast in all the romantic comedies who isn’t Rebel Wilson. For the first time, Amy Schumer is showing herself in a different role, pregnancy. She is not the first comedian to do a taped special for Netflix while expecting, Ali Wong has now done two comedy specials while pregnant, but she is the first to tackle topics that had not yet made their debuts on the comedy stage.


In her new stand-up, “Amy Schumer: Growing,” which first aired on Netflix this March, she mixes in the normal Schumer humor but adds an unexpected dose of reality that makes her special quite different from the rest.


In this special, Schumer talks about her struggle throughout her pregnancy with pre-eclampsia which has landed her with countless hospitalizations as well as her frustrations with being pregnant at the exact same time as new royal, Meghan Markle.

Image via She Knows


Schumer also discussed the topic of her husband being recently diagnosed with what is formally known as Asperger’s syndrome and how she is realizing every sign her husband shows relating to the diagnosis is everything she admires and appreciates about her spouse.


Schumer has always been one to make questionably appropriate jokes but to find a way to apply it to a new realm of topics that had yet to be tackled in stand-up comedy was a true talent. This special not only has the typical elements of her previous stand-up comedies but also has a layer that goes much deeper. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll probably have a whole different view on Schumer, pregnancy and Asperger’s syndrome.