8 Steps to Clean Out Your Closet for Summer

Image via Styles for Thought


It’s that time of year when winter clothes go in storage and summer clothes come out. For me, this is also the time I donate any clothes that went out of style or don’t fit the same anymore. Here are 8 steps to prepare for all those cute summer outfit additions to your wardrobe!


1. Toss the old out!

This step probably gets the most clothes in to the donation box for me. Have I worn it in a while? Do I see myself wearing it more than once this summer? Has it been through one too many washes?


2. Keeping your budget in mind.

How soon can you start shopping for new clothes? If you get rid of most of your closet and need to expand quickly there are a few options to get the most out of this experience. Think about selling your clothes for cheap to friends or thrift stores. If you bring a box to second-hand stores they can assess the quality and you can barter for a good price and then use this money for a new wardrobe.


3. Parting with expensive purchases.

I know this is hard, especially with gifts. If it’s been collecting dust or hanging in a bag at the back of your closet, it might be time to part. As Marie Kondo says: “Does it bring you joy?” Think about giving it away to a friend, and how much they would enjoy it.


4. New style, new me!

This is a great opportunity to focus on the look you want to go for. I personally don’t stick to the status quo, but I’ve bought popular styles in the past that I didn’t love and I use this opportunity to get rid of capri pants and wide bell-shaped sleeves.

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5. Stick to the basics.

It’s always a good idea to have tees, tanks, and leggings that match with anything. But if they don’t fit anymore, donate!


6. Organize & Categorize

By organizing and finding a way to categorize your clothes you can see exactly where your closet is over-crowded and where it’s sparse. Whether it’s by color, style, or type or article, any system will make this bring the full extent of your collection into light.


7. Pack it up!

Continue organizing when you pack up your winter and spring clothes. Aside from keeping a few jackets and sweatpants for cold summer nights, everything else should be stored in a convenient place for easy access that’s out of the way and out of view. This will make the fall wardrobe switch process much quicker and easier.


8. Make it fun.

This may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, but a friends help or some music can make it go by faster. Personally, I like to multi-task and watch a show or movie.