6 Ways to Destress Your Life Before Finals

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash


Finals season is coming up, which means a whole lot of stress for a whole lot of people. However, by working bit by bit, you can make this time of the year a whole lot less stressful than it could be.


1. Work little by little.

No, really. If you have a paper to write, think about the prompt as you walk to class. You never know when inspiration may strike. Work on that paper for an hour. If you think you can write more, then do it! It will just put you ahead and make you feel a lot better. Study additionally to the work you have to do. Before you know it, your dedication will make you feel a lot more prepared for finals.

2. Clean!

I know this may not sound like fun, but a lot of times I let my room get messy when I’m busy. This makes me feel even more stressed! Whenever you have some free time or even just a free moment, take some time to pick up your dirty clothes or organize your desk. For me, a clean room means a clean mind.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash


3. Take timed breaks.

Just because you may be busy does not mean you have to study all the time. You can get burned out really fast if you do that. Tell yourself that you can watch one movie, show or YouTube video after you finish a task. This gives your brain a reward and a mental break.

4. Shower!

Seriously. Don’t let yourself think that you’re so busy you can’t take a quick shower. Similar to cleaning your room, it’s an easy refresher. Sometimes I find that taking a shower is a good way to give my mind a clean slate.

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash


5. Take a nap.

Depending on when your classes are, a nap in the afternoon can be an excellent break between classes and studying. A ten to twenty minute nap is optimal if you only want a short nap, but an hour is great if you have longer. A nap can make you more alert and ready to conquer your work.

6. Stop browsing social media.

I know how addicting and distracting a phone is, so I usually have to put it out of sight when I really need to work on something. No amount of refreshing is entertaining when you have your responsibilities nagging you in the background. You may even want to try a focus app. I use one called Forest, which plants and grows a digital tree for an amount of time that I determine. If I use my phone, it kills the tree. This app really helps me when I need to get down to business. Whether you need the help of an app or not, saving your screen time for later will really help you feel less stressed.