6 Tips to Survive That Mid Semester Slump

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

We are officially in the middle of the semester, which is both exciting and exhausting. Some of us might be less than motivated to attend class and some of us might be on our own struggle busses.

Here are some tips to survive the dreaded mid-semester slump.

1. Take a mental health day-maybe you skip a class or take it on a day off that you have. Maybe you communicate with a professor and let them know you need some time off to take a breath.

2. Reorganize yourself-mark your planner, get your lists made, clean your room, and pick out your clothes. Once you start reorganizing yourself, you feel more accomplished.

3. Change your routine if you need to-some of us have already found the right routine. Don't be afraid to change your routine to make sure you're getting great sleep, completing your assignments and getting your meal times in.

4. Work out-"Happy people don't shoot their husbands." Elle Woods couldn’t have said it any better. Endorphins make you happy and allow you to relax a little bit. Yoga, going for a walk, taking a barre class, or even just hitting the rec center are all great options.

5. Treat yourself: get your favorite coffee, your favorite ice cream, or watch your fave TV show. Enjoy small things that life offers.

6. Reach out when you need it! There are plenty of resources to help students succeed, regardless of situation.