6 Holiday Traditions From Your Peers

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


Do you ever get curious about various holiday traditions? From Thanksgiving to Christmas to Hanukkah and other holidays, everyone has something special they do and love that the holiday would not be complete without. Here’s a few you might be interested to learn about:


  1. “Every year an art museum in my hometown has a Christmas festival where people can enter gingerbread houses and Christmas trees. My mom and I love to go and look at all the candy houses, and we dream about the house we would enter if we ever decided to. ”

  2. “I always play euchre with my parents while some sport plays on the TV in the background.”

  3. “When I think of Hanukkah, I think of candles flickering from the menorah on the windowsill, and the smell of latkes wafting in from my grandma’s kitchen. I think my favorite tradition is coming together with my extended family to light the menorah. We’d have a bunch of them lined up on the kitchen counter, and my cousins, brother and I would each have our own menorah to light. Hanukkah always reminds me of family- we’d all go to my grandma’s house and have a party with plenty of latkes, dreidels and presents of course. Celebrating the Jewish holidays while away from my family has admittedly been a little hard. Hanukkah this year falls during dead week, so unfortunately it will be over by the time I’m home for winter break. Luckily I have the on campus Jewish community to celebrate with, and I’m hoping my grandma will save some of her latkes for me!”

  4. “My favorite holiday tradition is getting PJs on Christmas Eve. My mom always picks them out for my sister and I and they’re always matching. It’s something we’ve done since we were kids, and it’s something we can always look forward to. Plus it makes our Christmas pictures so cute.”

  5. “Christmas is literally go to church and eat. My family is Polish, so we always eat pierogies”

  6. “Now that I am in college and I don’t get to see my family as often as I used to, spending time with them is honestly what I love most about the holidays (and getting a break from school). Every year for Thanksgiving we go to my dad’s side of the family first for lunch and have a formal thanksgiving feast, and then we go to my mom’s side and just have a relaxed Thanksgiving dinner.”