5 Tips for Always Looking Put Together

Photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash


1. Accessorize

The key to pulling any look together is adding accessories. Whether it be rings, necklaces or a cool pair of earrings, use them to your advantage to revamp any outfit you own. I am a ring junkie, so I am constantly wearing tons of inexpensive rings which make my personal style more unique. Additionally, they can easily be swapped when trends and your personal style change.  


2. Neutrals

Having an entire wardrobe full of neutral colors makes it impossible to mismatch, and also looks incredibly chic. If you aren’t willing to commit to going full-neutral, simply try to have a cohesive color scheme in your array of clothing. Being selective about the clothing you own makes it easier to pick out outfits every day, and it reduces the possibility of purchasing items you’ll never actually wear.

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3. Have a Go-To Hairstyle

Some people choose to straighten or curl their hair every day and it looks amazing, but I am too lazy for that. For that reason, my go-to hairstyle is a low, messy bun with face framing pieces of hair pulled out. It’s perfect for days when I don’t feel like putting much effort into my hair, and it’s also helpful for rainy or humid days since my hair can get out of control. It’s simple and it looks cute, what more could a girl want?


4. Statement Pieces

This is my favorite tip because I love to splurge occasionally. Since I wear neutrals exclusively, I can buy the bulk of my clothes at stores like Target and H&M, keeping it fairly inexpensive. With the money I save from buying inexpensive clothes, I like to purchase fun statement pieces to jazz my wardrobe up. My favorite statement pieces are distressed boyfriend jeans, Modern Vice boots and unique bags. Anything that fits your style and makes you feel special qualifies as a statement piece.  

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5. Hygiene

I know this one sounds like common sense, but it’s worth mentioning because it is actually the most important tip of all. My grandma used to always say “there is always time for good grooming,” and that is definitely something that everybody needs to hear. Proper hygiene is the sole foundation to looking and, more importantly, feeling put together.