5 Reasons You Should Join A Sorority at OU

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This is an article for women that are considering joining a sorority here at OU. I will not try to persuade you into any particular chapter nor will I turn you away from any. All of the chapters on this campus are absolutely amazing. I hope by reading this you can decide if you want to join one or not.

1. Lifelong memories

I have been in my chapter for two and a half years. I can tell you more stories than you can imagine about times I have spent with my sisters. The best feeling is being able to text your big or little or twin or whoever in your chapter and say, “hey let’s go do ______”. Always having someone who will talk to you when you’re down about the test you just bombed, or someone to celebrate you getting an internship or your birthday. Nothing replaces spending time with your sisters.

2. Connections for after graduation

People who have graduated before you are GREAT connections for when your time is up on this campus. With so many girls in each house the chances of someone majoring in the same thing as you or them knowing someone who did is really big. In my house alone, there are a handful of people that are the same major as me and it is not only helpful during college but after as well. It gives you a connection for later in life and who doesn’t want to have that??


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3. Opportunities during college

As a part of my chapter, I have been able to find out about more clubs, organizations and other ways to be involved than I can explain. My sisters are always talking about what they are involved in and even if I don’t join their organization, I can learn more and be supportive of my sisters in every way possible.

4. Growth and accountability

Wow, this one hits me hard. If I compare freshman year Abby to current Abby there is such a big difference. I have grown in more ways than I can count and I can thank my chapter for a lot of that. Through holding a leadership position to being part of different teams, I have learned from others and myself and have changed in ways for the better. I am more organized and pay closer attention to details. I owe a lot of this to being in my chapter and the many events we have had over the past two and a half years.

5. Philanthropy

The biggest and most important reason to join a sorority in my opinion is the philanthropy. One of my many reasons why I joined my sorority was the philanthropy. It meant a lot to me and I wanted to do what I could to help those around me. Being able to say something I did affected someone else’s life in a good way is a great feeling.


These are just a few reasons why I believe you should join a sorority here at OU. If you still have any questions or concerns the OU Panhellenic office would love to answer them! They are located in the Student Life office in the Union.