4 Small Steps to Improve Your Skin

Skincare is something I have struggled with a lot. It can be so overwhelming since there are so many products and methods people use and swear by for their skin, but over the years, I have come up with some small ways that can be implemented every single day to lead to healthy and glowing skin.

1. Water

I probably sound like a broken record saying it, but the amount of water you drink can truly change your skin. Water helps flush out all of the toxins in your body which in turn leads to better skin. The more water you drink, the more your skin will glow and become soft. Water really helps, so start becoming mindful of how much water you are drinking.

2. Use Silk Pillowcases or Change Them Often

You might be a little confused on this one, but think about it. You lay down on the same pillowcase every night. Overtime, sweat and dirt build up on the pillowcase and end up being transferred to your face. This can irritate your skin and make your acne worse. Silk pillowcases are the best because it helps your skin retain moisture and does not clog pores. But, even so, you should be washing your pillowcases at least once a week to help your skin.

3. Get More Sleep

Even I understand that getting a lot of sleep at night is hard, especially as a college student, but sleep is extremely beneficial for your skin. When you sleep, your skin begins to repair itself. Without the proper amount of sleep, your body begins releasing more hormones that can trigger breakouts. So, sleeping around 7 hours a night can seriously help prevent pesky breakouts and keep your skin glowing and healthy.

4. Wash Your Face After a Workout

To prevent breakouts, be sure to wash your face after a workout. It's important to rinse your face after a workout with a gentle cleanser to prevent sweat, oil and dirt from clogging up your pores. Also, to prevent acne on your body, you should shower or at least change out of the sweaty clothes immediately.