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Dating is hard, online dating is harder and a whole lot sketchier.

More and more people are meeting their match on an Internet dating site because they don’t have the time to meet people the traditional way. Some people are not confident enough to approach members of the opposite sex or even know where to meet them. The matching-making website, Date My School, suggests that users date efficiently. Students are busy with school, and sometimes it can be hard to find the time to meet anyone the traditional way. That’s where Date My School comes in; it provides a way to efficiently find a date via its website therefore eliminating the need to scour the campus for a hot guy or girl.  Our staff at Her Campus OK State started to wonder what all the hype was about online dating and if any of us could snag our own man.

For this article, I registered myself for the newest dating website just for college students, datemyschool.com. The college student only website does have some nice features. For instance, you can only register for the site with a valid .edu email address. Also, you can hide your activity from your social networking accounts so future bosses. And, mom and grandma cannot see what you’re up to.

There are several drawbacks though. I registered for Oklahoma State University and there was only one guy registered and I know him… he definitely has a girlfriend (awkward…). For the entire state of Oklahoma, it only found 16 guys that were registered and I didn’t have much in common with any of them. However, there are some super hotties registered across the nation (they may be photo-shopped but if you never meet them who cares?). So, if you are into the long-distance thing, then you might just find your match at Date My School. Also, dating someone who doesn’t go to your school or lives in your dorm, eliminates the awkward run-ins if things don’t work out quite as nicely as you had hoped as Date My School advertises.

Whatever you are interested in gaining from an account at Date My School, I would highly suggest making one simply for the ego boost of having many guys message you and visit your profile. You never know, you may meet Mr. Perfect in this new, unconventional way! If you do find Mr. Could Be Perfect, make sure you follow Date My School’s advice and actually take a shower. I didn’t meet Mr. Perfect, so if you know anyone… I’m still looking!

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